It's easy to get confused when looking for a home.  There are so many options and nuances that often get people into leases they do not really want to be in.  We want to make sure that doesn't happen to you with us.  Below are the most freuently asked questions we receive. Since we operate three properties, and each has their own unique answers, we adopted this FAQ in a group interview format.  If it doesn't answer your questions, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

1) Do your units come furnished?

           Glouchester Manor) Our units are currently offered unfurnished, although we are exploring the option of providing furnishings to our residents.

           Sycamore Village) YES!  All of our units come fully furnished even going so far as to have bedding, cookware, and servingware.  We do not, however provide towels.  Otherwise, our units are 100% ready for you to move in.

           Parc Fontaine) Unforunately, we do not offer furnished units at this time.

2) What does the rent price include?

           Glouchester Manor) Rent includes water, sewage, and trash.  We are currently negotiating with Cox for free Wi-Fi coverage at a speed capable of streaming movies.  He hope to offer that to our tenants soon.

           Sycamore Village) Rent at Sycamore Village covers EVERYTHING!  You get electric, water, sewage, garbage, premium cable TV with Cox including Showtime, Wi-Fi internet, and of course, the furnishings.  

           Parc Fontaine) We like to keep things simple.  With us, rent is rent for the unit.  There are no additional items that come with rent.  There is an additional $25/month charge for garbage service that relieves the tenants of the $25 charge LUS used to bill out.  This allows us to provide a dumpster which keeps the grounds cleaner.

3) How much is the deposit?

           Glouchester Manor) The deposit is currently set at $275.

           Sycamore Village) We have no deposit!  How great is that?

           Parc Fontaine) We have a $1,000 deposit at this time.

4) What schools are in the area?

           Glouchester Manor) We are in the school districts for Prairie Elementary, Edgar Martin Middle, and Acadiana High.

           Sycamore Village) Like Glouchester Manor, we are in the school districts for Prairie Elementary, Edgar Martin Middle, and Acadiana High.

           Parc Fontaine) Our school districts are Plantation Elementary, Paul Breaux, and Ovey Comeaux.